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AWRDEEP3014 - Youtube 1280 x720 jpg

Eric Maes – Circular Time Radio Mix [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3014PSYV]

AWREC1044TDB Youtube THE DIGITAL BLONDE Remix 1280x720

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie The Digital Blonde Remix [Official Audio Video AWREC1044V4]

AWREC1044A Youtube ADRIZ Remix 1280x720

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie Adriz Progressive Remix[Official Audio Video AWREC1044V3]

Adam White – Remixer

We welcome Adam White (Whiteroom) as a Remixer / Artist on the Afterworld Recordings labels please check out his releases.

There are so many great producers coming out of the UK and one at the forefront of this needing no introduction is Adam White. After delivering a string of successful records over the last ten years Adam has been amongst music his entire life.  Classically trained at a young age Adam’s extensive knowledge and talent has led to globally acclaimed tracks such as ‘The Whiteroom’ and ‘Ballerina’. His ability and originality has not gone unnoticed and his proof of musical accomplishments at producing big room tracks has been recognized globally. Support from DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk have helped build his success.

Born in South West London and raised in Windsor his home and studio now runs from the South corner of the United Kingdom in Kent. Classically trained from the age of just five provided Adam with the creativity that has led to developing his talents. From the Royal College of Music Adam was found messing around with electronic music and developing his engineering craft. Earlier achievements include remixes for Paul Oakenfold and his Perfecto label, this helped raise awareness of Adams production ability leading to more recent remix offerings from the ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’.

Adam is now to renovate his sound into a style that reproduces a new musical vision. His latest original pieces are the beginning of this reinvention of which Adam hopes to deliver and evolve track after track gaining support from more respected artists. He can rework tracks with outstanding quality and his sharp ear means that nothing from the speakers will be less than exceptional.  Adams career and fan base will continue to build from his now developing music projects and we are currently witnessing a preview of what confidently will be an unforgettable future.