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Nabil MJ – Artist

We welcome Nabil MJ to the Afterworld Recordings labels roster:

Nabil MJ  is a trance producer from Morocco. His intense passion for Trance began at a very young age and he decided to step forward into the producing wagon when he was 24.  He signed  his first track ‘Victory’ under  the German label Toxic Records in early 2014 with his former alias R-Spirit ; the track got remixed by the well known Swedish producer Thomas Petersen,and had a huge success at Juno HardTrance charts by sitting at #01 for  several weeks. Nabil MJ has signed  his music to such  Trance labels as Vectiva Rec, Blackout Recordings, Submission Rec, Mashbuk Rec and AlYF recordings. Nabil MJ sound is typically defined by progressive,melodic,and uplifting elements of Trance music with emotional beats.

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