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Zirenz, Men-D – Valhalla – Radio Mix [Official Lyric Video AWREC1045V]

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Eric Maes – Circular Time Radio Mix [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3014PSYV]

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Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie The Digital Blonde Remix [Official Audio Video AWREC1044V4]

Men-D Vine Inapoi Original Mixes

  • Release date: 2017-04-24
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings Depp
  • Catalog #: AWRDEEP3013

Release Info: Men-D is no stranger now to the Afterworld labels and this is his second release with us on Afterworld Recordings Deep with his latest tune named “Vine Inapoi”. Men-D has been working hard on producing his own unique Men-D sound with ever music production he has been making over the last 2 years and this sound is really coming through we believe with every production. Packed full of originally created sound samples quality music production and arrangements with melodic mastery. We believe that “Vine Inapoi” is a cool and strong progressive trance release that will work well in any Radio DJ mix or live set so grab your copies now and dive into the unique Men-D sound.

Release Track list:
01. Men-D Vine Inapoi – Original Mix
02: Men-D Vine Inapoi – Radio Mix

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