ATWREC1001 - RT ZiRENZ Celtic Voices 438X438

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BACKGROUND Youtube AWREC1045 video graphic 1280x720

Zirenz, Men-D – Valhalla – Radio Mix [Official Lyric Video AWREC1045V]

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Eric Maes – Circular Time Radio Mix [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3014PSYV]

AWREC1044TDB Youtube THE DIGITAL BLONDE Remix 1280x720

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie The Digital Blonde Remix [Official Audio Video AWREC1044V4]

Ringtone – Zirenz The Celts – (Ringtone Instrumental)

  • Release date: 2014-04-14
  • Label: Above The World Recordings
  • Catalog #: ATWREC1001

Above The World recordings Ringtones: This Hypnotic and heavenly Zirenz Celtic Voice EP had great support from the fan’s so we specially cut and edited ringtones from these two mixes of Celtic Heaven & The Celts to make some cool cuts that we feel work great as ringtones for the Zirenz music fan’s so you can have a cool ringtone of your favourite mixes.

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