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Eric Maes – Circular Time Radio Mix [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3014PSYV]

AWREC1044TDB Youtube THE DIGITAL BLONDE Remix 1280x720

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie The Digital Blonde Remix [Official Audio Video AWREC1044V4]

AWREC1044A Youtube ADRIZ Remix 1280x720

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie Adriz Progressive Remix[Official Audio Video AWREC1044V3]

Zirenz & SQ – Viva Voce Opus9 – Original mixes & Remixes

  • Release date: 2013-09-30
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings
  • Catalog #: AWR1009

ZiRENZ join together with Nick Squires aka SQ also from the UK who is too like ZiRENZ a classical trained musician to make this driving 137bpm euphoric dance classical crossover beauty. With driving trance beats and a hard dance edge and classical melodies this original mix sets the ZiRENZ vocal & cello melodies perfectly. From the atmospheric break down the track builds with a duo between the ZRENZ vocalise and the Cello sounds which then layer with more instrumentation bring the melodies interweaving into a cacophony of sound.

Now to the remix duties we bring you the Russian Producer Composer Olegparadox who delivers a quality music production. With pounding beats and uplifting that builds to a strong musical theme and heavenly breakdown using the Cello and vocals to intertwine seamlessly and creating a symphonic wall of sound that builds to a driving new lead line which builds and builds layer on layer. The Olegparadox remix we are sure will bring your Radio and Live DJ sets alive.  Next we have the amazing talents of Japanese DJ Producers Pandora and Ken Plus Ichiro better known as NISH who have delivered together a massive driving 140bpm monster Remix which is sure to have dance floors really bouncing and throbbing as it is packed full of energy right from the first beat. The use of the vocals has been crafted and edited perfectly for this remix arrangement. With a solid selection of Powerful and strong lead synths throughout the Remix that we feel gives the hint of the movie sound track TRON. The production oozes quality in the experience hands of Ken Plus Ichiro and this Remix we are sure will be a great mix to have for both your LIVE and Radio DJ sets full on driving Trance.

Pandora & Ken Plus Ichiro gained Live & Radio support from the Egyptian No.1 DJ’s  ALY & FILA who played on there Future Sound Of Egypt Radio show, also support from Ahmed Romel on Orchestrance Radio show.

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