Sentinel Of Life Charity Release 10/10 support!!!!!!

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Alex John Georgoulis gives our Charity Release: Zirenz & Sebastian Montano – Sentinel of Life AWOT 2015 Anthem full support and 10/10 for all three mixes

1: Original mix
2: Ken Plus Ichiro Remix
3: Rene Ablaze Remix

These Charity releases are in association with LNADJ Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation for their (Feelin Good , Doin Good initiative) supporting Drop4Drop Charitable organisation for their Clean Water for All campaign. 100%% of sales from this release will be donated by the artists involved and the label involved to give water Aid and help build water Well in India hopping to save thousands of Men Women & Children from Thirst diseases and Death. Also every play of the video’s count as advertising collected will also go towards the SENTINEL OF LIFE Charity release so please share and watch the videos on the youtube – AfterworldTVChannel ¬†or via the video section on the Afterworld Recordings¬†website thanks.