ZIRENZ OPERA DANCE The Remix Collection – Album Promo mix

Miguel Angel Castellini – Club Underground Video Edit [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3020V]

Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky Vertical State Remix Video Edit [ Official Audio Video AWREC1057V]

Gabi Peleg – Artist

Gabi Peleg, born in Georgia and now days lives in Israel. Gabi’s journey started at the age of 14, as a DJ in clubs, bars and private events. After many years of experience in the craft of DJing it was only natural for him to dive into music production and so he did, Gabi started releasing Psy-Trance music under the name of “GAB E MOTION”. One of he’s most successful releases was “Noisy Location” that was released on Geomagnetic Records and drawn the attention of many big names in the industry.  Among those names was Dj Yahel who collaborated with him on a track called “EarthQuick” and got released on Yahel’s “Super Set 3”. Gabi’s music can be found on Geomagnetic Records, Phonokol, EDM Records, GOA Records and Afterworld Recordings sub-label Tronica Recordings.

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