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Mati – Artist

We welcome Mati to the Afterworld Recordings labels roster:

Mateusz MATI Fabiszak – musician focused on electronic and club sounds, voyager, athlete, sports cars enthusiast. First steps into music he made when he was 8 after listening to recordings of Jean Michal Jarre. Dozen years later, inspired also by electronic dance music artists, investen in pro-audio equipment to start with music composition more seriously. Systematic work gets results. Nowdays Mati can be proud of several releases on independent labels: Makira Records, Vitorio Records, Mistique Emotions, Ambber Recordings, HookiSonic, Adriatica Records, Maraphobia Vocalized, D.Max Recordings. Hovewer he works solo, he collaborated with DJ Angelo Abresso and vocalist Angel Falls. He composed music for theatre group “Studio Próby” and sport portal “MaratonyPolskie.PL”. Mati isn’t a DJ. He found himself on a stage as a concert/live-act performer. This gives him a space for improvisations. He has been playing on a few Edm festivals and music clubs in Poland.
Music in not the only activity. Mateusz travels and shares his observations in articles and during prelections. He’s also author of many reportages and columns about cars. He is former-karate athlete (5kyu) and has finished four marathons and some other long distance running competitions. Mati i salso Motorsport enthusiast and he’s been driving on Nordschleife and Red Bull Ring racetracks.

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