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Cosmi – Artist

Lukasz Polaszek aka Cosmi, was born in 1981 in Toruń, Poland. Since his early years he was fascinated with electronic sounds from Jean Michel Jarre tracks. After few years he decided to do something on his own in music production.His effort was noticed by polish label DJ Promotion in 2006. The label released two tracks (Water, Sahara) on their compilations (CD Pool Techno vol.60, CD Pool Techno vol.65). Since that time he had two years break. But the love to music was stronger & he is starting again. His new production “First breath” was noticed by Andrea Lonardo Martini from Emotive Vibes. First breath was remixed by Joshy Rotten & released on 06 March 2009. In a short time he has signed next contracts with Emotive Vibes & Stranamente Music In 2011 he made his debut in Neuroscience Recordings with track Algorithm which was remixed by The Airstatic and Bvibes. In this same year his remix was special mentioned by Neuroscience Recordings in the Nova remix competition.

Labels his music productions can be found on: Afterworld Recordings, Neuroscience Recordings, Elliptical Records, Andromeda Recordings, Emotive Vibes, AVSR Records and Stranamente Music.

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