Zirenz Erlid Gan Yr Haul (Lyric Video)

Zirenz Dilyna Dy Galon (lyric video)

Zirenz Lascia Chio Pianga (Lyric Video)

Manuel Goi

Manuel Goi AKA Dream State / Vertical State is an Italian Born music producer with a passion for quality uplifting melodic trance he has release on Discover Digital / Recoverworld Label Group and we wellcome him to, to the Afterworld Recordings labels. In 2014 he teamed up with fellow Italian DJ producers DJ Bluespark and their collaborations have gone from strength to strength signing to many underground trance labels over the last few years including our very own Afterworld labels. Manuel Goi has also collaborated with Zirenz Afterworld label owners for a special Electronic Cinematic dance tune named, Replicants a piece inspired by the Blockbuster Blade Runner released on FTG Recordings check out this incredible release below.

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