Video Gaming Grooves (Various artists) AR202102

Zirenz Didos Lament (Single)


Adrian Păun, born in Romania, is an upcoming trance producer and film music composer whose musical tale began in 2011 from the shores of the Black Sea. Adrian was born with a great sense of imagination, an important ingredient for his music. Hadrianicus is a name that describes the arts of epic cinematic musical experience and fantasy worlds combined with the euphoria of trance music. With his sword in his hand and his war drums, he draws the lines of epicness on musical sheets and gives them birth into a magical spark of sounds dancing into harmony accompanied with unreal goosebumps.

He received support on radio shows from many International DJs like: Roger Shah, Ahmed Romel, Ori Uplift, Snatt & Vix, Hiroki Nagamine, Haig & Raffi, EL-Jay, Zirenz, Dave Deen, Ben Alonzi, DJ Pusher, Steven White etc. Some of his productions can be found on various album compilations.

Back in the days he used to be called “Adryann”. In that time he was discovered by the known artists named Snatt & Vix who saw some potential in his productions and offered him a chance to do a challenger guestmix at their radio show called TrancENDancE Arena. Adrian worked with labels like Trance All-Stars Records, Defcon Recordings, Elysium Recordings, NU Communicate, Dirt Lies & Audio Recordings. He produced music of any kind of theme, but in his own unique style of trance & film scores: from ancient age fantasy choir themes, epic battle themes, love themes, Nordic fantasy medieval themes and even closer to the Renaissance Age love & dance themes of Italy parades. His unique style of trance music and film music represents something not to be ever missed.

Listen to the Incredible Hadrianicus Renaissance Remix of Zirenz The Prayer below on the player a cinematic encounter infused with Trance Released on Afterworld Recordings Classics.