ZIRENZ OPERA DANCE The Remix Collection – Album Promo mix

Miguel Angel Castellini – Club Underground Video Edit [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3020V]

Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky Vertical State Remix Video Edit [ Official Audio Video AWREC1057V]

Hiromori Aso – Artist

Hiromori Aso , is Japanese born and based in TOKYO City. He started composing music when he was 23 and it was by 2014 he began to find interest in Djs work and dance music so heI decided to start to learn how to produce dance music and craft his sound as a music producer. At this time Uplifting Trance producers such as Oceania and Dima Krasnik where grabbing his attention as well as more Hard Trance producers like Alphazone, and the Japanese legend producer Nish aka Ken Plus Ichiro who have all influenced his sound. Hiromori Aso also love’s the beats and sounds of Deep House and he considers himself to have a Trance, “Old School Trance Sound”.

By 2015 a year later Hiromori Aso was given his first releases on the underground labels Pulsar Recordings , Alyf Recordings and Appointed Recordings where he has had several original & remix releases over the last few years. Now in 2017 Hiromori Aso will see his latest music productions on Redux Recordings and UK independent label Afterworld Recordings owned by the Artists Zirenz.

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