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Miguel Angel Castellini – Artist

We welcome Miguel Angel Castellini to the Afterworld Recordings labels roster:

Miguel Angel Castellini is a Dj & Producer from  Argentina. He learned piano when 8 years old so began his love for music and progressive and uplifting trance and signed his first release in 2011.  As a Dj he is established and plays in top night clubs including Pacha Buenos Aires . Today Miguel Angel Castellini is release on a collection of quality  labels of the moment and big artist at the trance scene support his tracks like M.I.K.E Push, Roger Shah,Ori Uplift the legends Neil Moore, Mark Pledger and Simon Moon.

Miguel Angel Castellini also has a Podcast / Radioshow called ELECTRONICS HEARTS and has followers like Binary Finary ,Stoneface and Terminal, Omnia,and Artic Moon. Miguel Angel Castellini music style is influenced by techno and alternatives sound of the 90 and now he try give a fresh air to the classic trance sound.

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