ZIRENZ OPERA DANCE The Remix Collection – Album Promo mix

Miguel Angel Castellini – Club Underground Video Edit [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3020V]

Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky Vertical State Remix Video Edit [ Official Audio Video AWREC1057V]

Olegparadox – Artist / Remixer

We welcome Olegparadox as an Artist and Remixer on the Afterworld Recordings labels please check out his releases.

Early influences are by the artists scooter and prodigy which gave Oleg the passion to create electronic music. Then he discovered the sounds of trance music which became his favourite style of dance music and e that he still has today. When Oleg began making his first music productions he played about with the eJay software pushing to its limits and then he discovered the production capabilities of fruity loops. For sure Olegs production are constantly evolving a growing in quality and style and he is in a true sense a Composer of Dance music as his more recent signings and Remixes have a orchestrated euphoric sound which is becoming a unique tone to the sounds ever growing sounds of Olegpardox. His music production have seen releases on UK label Nucommunicate, Andromeda Recordings group and also Afterworld Recordings.