ZIRENZ OPERA DANCE The Remix Collection – Album Promo mix

Miguel Angel Castellini – Club Underground Video Edit [Official Audio Video AWRDEEP3020V]

Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky Vertical State Remix Video Edit [ Official Audio Video AWREC1057V]

Spins – Artist / Remixer

“Simon Minay aka Spins showed a keen interest in music from a very early age. With very strong roots deep in the heart of classical music, Simon learned piano, trumpet, and later, harpsichord, as well, which became a favoured instrument. Inspired by listening to his grandfather’s organ playing on his father’s reel to reel, he attended York Minster Choir from age of 8 where he learned to sing as well. At the age of 15, Simon fell in love with EDM, after being introduced to the likes of the Prodigy and other Goa/Psy trance sounds. House music followed, and at age 21, he attended Leeds College of Music where he studied Bachelor of Performing Arts degree, majoring in early keyboard music. Recognising a big link between EDM and classical music, Simon’s vision was to fuse the two styles. Early attempts at his own EDM music creations whilst at school in 1994/5 reflect this fusion; and later as well, in 2003, when he obtained his first computer to facilitate further creation.  After a period of slow progress, Simon’s musical career has been steadily rising since 2012, when his work was signed by Beating Records & OSS Records Blue & Club G Records. Truly, the EDM scene is enriched by this amazing sound fusion, and we look forward to hearing more of Simon’s unique and beautiful trance style in the future.” We welcome Spins to Afterworld Recordings and Above The World Recording.

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