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Steve Morley – Remixer

We welcome Steve Morley as Remixers / Artists on the Afterworld Recordings labels please check out his releases.

Steve Morley is the Dutch trance producer and DJ who has been bringing the energy for 2 decades under various aliases and genres of dance music. The Rotterdam native started his musical journey as a young child when his father, a talented singer and musician instilled a strict discipline and work ethic in him. After spending most of his teenage years perfecting his skills as a classical pianist and composer, he slowly digressed into experimenting with electronic music which resulted in his first record release in the early 90s. From that moment onward Steve has enjoyed considerable success from Dutch hardcore and early rave to hard house and trance to psy and more commercial pursuits under Dave Holmes, Starchild, DJ Alici, System E, Cathar, Cosmic Warrior and last but not least… his most well known and globally supported music under Steve Morley.

Besides his love for writing and producing, Steve is also a dedicated DJ and has enjoyed playing some of the most influential clubs in the world along the way since moving to London in 2001, pulverising club and festival crowds with his hypnotic and highly uplifting journey sets. After a 10 year adventure in the underground psychedelic scene (when his idea of ‘ true trance ‘ died of a few years after the millennium), he returned to the trance scene in summer 2013, 14 years since his huge hit which is known as one of the classics from 1999, Steve Morley – Reincarnations, rocked the world through top UK DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Eddie Halliwell, Scott Bond and Guy Ornadel, appearing on compilations from brands such as Gatecrasher (Wet, Resident Transmission, Forever) and Ministry Of Sound (Trance Nation Anthems). You could say Steve has been reincarnated into the modern era of trance as the bpm and more classic vibe has looped back around, this is the sound he loves. This skilled trance master brings a must hear, back to the future production style and sound to the genre and is set to make shockwaves once again on a global scale. Steve Morley is an abundantly talented, experienced and passionate trance producer, trance DJ and first and foremost a die hard trance fan who has an elite ear and the magic touch.

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