Most frequently asked questions and our answers:

Q: Where is Afterworld Recordings located?

A: The headquarters of Afterworld Recordings are in Carmarthenshire, Wales/ United Kingdom


Q: How do I submit a demo to Afterworld Recordings and the Sub-Labels

A: Please see the demo submissions page follow the instructions carefully and fill in and send. We do listen to every demo that we are sent but as we have many submissions sent to us, you will only receive and email reply if your demo submission is successful.


Q:  I am interested in licensing your music for one of my projects (Motion picture,  televion and radio commercial, live performances, home videos in house videos, Ringtones,karaoke,and any other projects) How do I do this?

A: If you would like to licence the mater recordings of any of the Afterworld Recordings artists please fill in the contact page and clearly title your message as Licensing Request and tell us what you would like to licence the music for. 


Q: I am interested in buying music from your company so can I purchase this from you directly? 

A: Please check out the small list of digital download stores where you can buy Afterworld Recordings, Afterworld Recordings Classics, Afterworld Recordings Deep , Above the World Recordings, Tronica Recordings and FTG Recordings releases.


Juno Download


Note: If you have any further questions please fill in the contact page and send.