ZIRENZ OPERA DANCE The Remix Collection – Album Promo mix

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Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky Vertical State Remix Video Edit [ Official Audio Video AWREC1057V]

Above The World Chillout Collection Vol-3 (PREVIEW)

  • Release date: 2017-01-23
  • Label: Above The World Recordings
  • Catalog #: ATWREC1018

Release Info:
We bring you a beautiful collection of tracks for you to unwind and chillout too from the Above The World artists roster. This collection features a full blend of Vocal & Instrumental uplifting, melodic, spiritual, ambient down-tempo, classical crossover styles. We love them and believe you will love them too, so relax and submerge yourself in the Above The World Chillout Collection Vol.3.

1. Zirenz – Overture – chillout mix
2. Sepehr Nazari – The Silk Road Chillout Mix
3. Zirenz – Follow Your Heart – chillout mix
4. Zirenz – Celtic King – Maestoso mix
5. Zirenz – Dark knight – Lacrimoso mix
6. Zirenz – Marble Halls – Ethereal Mix
7. Zirenz – Midnight Skies – Espressivo Mix
8. Zirenz – Moonlight – legato mix
9. Dream State & Bluespark – Eternal Flight (Dream State Mix)
10. Dream State – Seven Years Of Sky – chillout mix

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