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Video Gaming Grooves (Various artists) AR202102

Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie Original Mixes & Remixes

  • Release date: 2017-05-15
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings
  • Catalog #: AWREC1044

Release Info: Ben Alonzi makes his solo debut release on Afterworld Recordings with his track named Lola & Gracie a very special release written especially for his twin daughters. The Original mixes are beautiful with a strong melody that will have you hooked and good solid trance production from Ben Alonzi. On remix duties for this release we have we have female producer Laura May who brings a banging driving trancer to the table which that will have the dance floors rocking. Next is the progressive grooves of Adriz  followed by the remix by the legend The Digital Blonde which will have all the progressive and psy trance DJ’s drooling as “The Blonde” brings all his cool talent to the table for this quality remix. In all this release will not disappoint and we know these original mixes and great remixes will be a strong addition to your DJ Box this year so grab your copies as soon as you can!  Release Track list: 01. Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie – Original Mix 02. Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie – Radio Mix 03. Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie – Laura May Remix 04. Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie – Adriz Progressive Remix 05. Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie – The Digital Blonde Remix

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