Zirenz Erlid Gan Yr Haul (Lyric Video)

Zirenz Dilyna Dy Galon (lyric video)

Hiromori Aso – Collapse- Original Mixes

Release Info:

Afterworld Recordings welcomes Hiromori Aso for his release named Collapse. No stranger to the trance underground scene Hiromori Aso has been releasing trance on a collection of labels over the last 18 months. Collapse, is a beautiful piece of what we like to call cinematic style trance a beautiful tune with stunning rhythmic orchestrated percussive drums atmospheric pads and well chosen lead synths that move through the arrangement with ease. We love this cool piece of trance and feel it’s a super choice for both your live and Radio DJ sets alike making this a must have so grab your copies as soon as you can!


 Release Track list:
01. Hiromori Aso – Collapse – Original Mix

02. Hiromori Aso – Collapse – Radio Mix

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