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Video Gaming Grooves (Various artists) AR202102

Jedmar – Interstellar Journey – Original Mixes

  • Release date: 2015-04-13
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings
  • Catalog #: AWREC1019

Release Info:

This is a debut release on Afterworld Recordings for Polish producer Jedmar .Interstellar Journey is a strong futuristic tech trance tune with strong melodic hooks and pulsating bass that builds to a spacey breakdown with lush pads and a piano melody gliding above. This then builds to a cool melodic riff built up of stab chords and a little twinkly melodic motif that take you into the full on driving peak of the track. The beautifully crafted groove brings you back with the original melodic hooks and space to then mix out with minimal distractions making this release a good DJ friendly track an excellent choice for your live & Radio Trance mixes and also perfect if you like Space themed tunes for your DJ sets.

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