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Video Gaming Grooves (Various artists) AR202102

Music for Meditation & Yoga

  • Release date: 2021-07-05
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings
  • Catalog #: AR202103

This release has been compiled from the Zirenz collection of Chillout, pop, smooth beats and classical crossover music released by the Afterworld Recordings labels and features Music for Meditation and Yoga enthusiasts.  You will find included on this soothing compilation the hypnotic electro pop classical crossover song “Erlid  Gan Yr Haul”, which was included on Radio Wigwam’s Greatest Hits for 2020 with months of Radio Air play on this cult independent radio station as well as a collection of modern original piano melodies, chilled EDM and Popera vocal arrangements that are all sung and performed by the artists Zirenz. The compilation also features Remixes by Dutch DJ producer Christian Drost and Ukrainian DJ producers The Destiny Alex Pavlenko and Mike Movchan. Overall this is a delightful compilation of tracks that will take you on a melodious journey.