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Video Gaming Grooves (Various artists) AR202102

Zirenz & Manuel Goi – Replicants

  • Release date: 2018-04-02
  • Label: FTG Recordings
  • Catalog #: FTG1002

Release Info:

This is the second release from UK label FTG Recordings owned by Bex Hazard of Zirenz. FTG Recordings   will be releasing music Inspired by Film TV & the Games industry and composed and produced by the artists Zirenz along with a selection of their industry colleagues who they have closely worked with over the last decade. This new release for this new label is by the Welsh artists Zirenz and Italian artist Manuel Goi also know as [Dream State , Vertical State]. The inspiration for this composition named “Replicatnts” came from the original 1982 cult movie Bladerunner and the film score by the Oscar-winning electronic composer Vangelis. Zirenz & Manuel Goi “Replicatnts” delivers a fresh take on the idea of the original sound score with original sound design sample created for this work electronic percussive beats, electronic bass grooves and pulsating gliding synthesizers and orchestral strings which altogether creates an action packed Sci-Fi  music score.


 Release Track list:
01. Zirenz & Manuel Goi – Replicants

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