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Zirenz & Men-D – Valhalla – Original Mixes

  • Release date: 2017-06-26
  • Label: Afterworld Recordings
  • Catalog #: AWREC1045

Release Info:

For the first time we bring you the collaboration of Afterworld label owners Zirenz and head of A&R Of Tronica Recordings Men-D for a cinematic style trancer called “ Valhalla”. This is a love song between the Norse mythology Goddess Freyja and the God Óðr, who is away on quests of war. Freyja cries tears of red gold for him and in her dreams searches across the sea of ice and breaths the mountains winds in search of her beloved god Óðr and Freyja prays to Valhalla for his safe return to her.  This is a trance tune packed full of originality and creativity  and quality music production throughout and a perfect choice for both your live and Radio DJ sets making this release a strong addition to your DJ Box this year so grab your copies as soon as you can!

 Release Track list:
01. Zirenz & Men-D – Valhalla – Original Mix

02. Zirenz & Men-D – Valhalla – Original Dub Mix

03. Zirenz & Men-D – Valhalla – Radio Mix

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