Afterworld Recordings AW: 

This label focuses on Commercial Classical Crossover pOpera to uplifting trance which have both quality in production and melodic content. #ClassicalCrossover #pOpera #Trance . 

Afterworld Recordings Classics AWRCL:

This label focuses on releasing our back catalogue of releases from Afterworld Recordings and Zirenz classics bringing classic and the strong melodies to life with fresh new remixes.

Afterworld Recordings Deep AWRD:

This label focuses on 130 bpm – 134 bpm progressive style instrumental and vocal trance which have both quality in production and melodic content #Progressive Trance #Deep Trance #Cinematic Trance .

Above The World Recordings ATWR:

This label focuses on all music below 80 bpm – 130 bpm and of a cinematic and classical cross over style  #Chillout #Down Tempo #Classical Crossover #Cinematic style.

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Tronica Recordings TR:

This label focuses on 124 bpm – 130 bpm #EDM #Progressive House #Electro House #Electronica style instrumental and vocal which have both quality in production, groove and melodic content .

FTG Recordings TR:

This label focuses on all genres and styles of music for Zirenz and their collaborations for Film, TV, Game and all music media projects published by the Award Winning Bucks Music Group / Synclinks .