Releases for April / May on the Afterworld labels,

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Some Cool trance music coming out in April / May on the Afterworld labels, Afterworld Recordings, Afterworld Recordings Deep / Psy from Zirenz , Ken Plus Ichiro, Bernis, Toshi Furuya, Men-D, Ben Alonzi, Laura May, Adriz, The Digital Blonde, Marco Mc Neil and Eric Maes all will be featured on the Afterworld Sessions Radio shows so please tune in to one of the 10 Shows we Air on 10 stations World wide.

01: Zirenz & Ken Plus Ichiro Concerto Original Mixes & Bernis, Toshi Furuya Remixes – Afterworld Recordings

02: Toshi Furuya Paradox Original Mixes – Afterworld Recordings

03: Men-D Vine Inapoi Original Mixes – Afterworld Recordings Deep

04: Ben Alonzi Lola & Gracie Original Mixes & Laura May, Adriz, The Digital Blonde, Remixes – Afterworld Recordings

05: Marco Mc Neil High Five Original Mixes – Afterworld Recordings

06: Eric Maes Circular Time Original Mixes  – Afterworld Recordings Deep Psy